Yumi and Steve’s engagement photo shoot down at the beaches in Toronto was a total blast! We had the most spectacular hot summer weather that one could as for. The sun was out of the world and allowed us to create some stunning and memorable images.

We shot Yumi and Steve on the boardwalk and the beach, but I had the most fun photographing towards the sun in some amazing tall grass and trees. Mind you the mosquitos almost ate us alive, but it sure was worth it!

One of Yumi and Steve’s favourite ice cream shops at the Beaches is Ed’s Real Scoop located on Queen Street East. I’ve never been there before (I know, I know) and was excited to try a new place out. The ice cream were phenomenal! Thank you again guys for the double scoop and bucket for my kiddos, which they polished off in one sitting :-)

Enjoy these images and can’t wait to see you tomorrow to capture your wedding!